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Wrap Wearing Ways



Wraps have become popular because, unlike scarves, they’re constructed to contour the body’s shape, especially around the neckline and shoulders. They’re very easy to wear, and light enough to be worn on a spring or summer’s evening, or during daytime in fall, or to dinners, cruises, weddings, trips.

They’re also very versatile in terms of the different ways that a single wrap can be worn, as this section shows.

Many of our customers have come up with their own styles too !






1. Jacket (Vest). 
For each side of the wrap, tie the back 2 corners into a knot,
so that the front most corner is left hanging. The knotted 2 ends form a sleeve hole
so that each arm can go through and the wrap becomes worn like a vest or jacket.


2. Thrown Over Shoulder.
Wear the wrap so that the neckline is placed around the
neck, and both ends of the wrap hang by sides of arms. Then throw one end
of the wrap over the shoulder of the other side of the body.


Martha, Seattle, WA
"I love my wrap and wear it everyday!"

3. Knotted in Front. 
Grab the front 2 corners of one side of wrap and tie into a loose
knot with the front 2 corners of the other side of wrap, and let the knot hang loosely in
front of body. Knot can be hung higher or lower.



4. ...Or just let it Hang Loose :)